Thistle and The Bear on Autumn and Halloween

Thistle and the Bear talk about autumn, and especially about Halloween traditions.



My seven year old daughter practices her typing with a writing prompt most days. When asked to type about what she likes about Halloween, the wrote this:

I like Halloween because we have a funny dinner and we go trick-or-treating in the dark. That’s fun to do because we are out of the house at night and ringing people’s doorbells and collecting candy in our bags that hold candy lasting til Christmas. We are usually out trick-or-treating for a long time in the night. I like being a mouse.

Thistle and The Bear on Writing

We talk about writing, and answer listener mail.


A few books we reference:

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Thistle and The Bear on Hens

Thistle and The Bear talk about a few of the facets of urban living with chickens. Links from the podcast: is a great resource, as is Backyard Poultry Magazine. Dan’s Boots and Saddles is the local feed store where we acquired our chicks and buy our chicken food.

Thanks to our musicians, Keytronic.


Thistle and The Bear on Ritual in Our Lives

Thistle and The Bear talk about important rituals, like a daily cup of tea. How rituals  are important to us, and why.


Very Bad Food

Welcome to Ink of Park’s new home. I’m kicking off this site transition with another first. My wife and I recorded our first podcast under nom de plume Thistle and The Bear. Enjoy it!

You can listen in-browser (below) or download the file.