Sushi Dinner

Tonight we made a sushi dinner, and for the first time included kid-specific items. I used sweetened egg, tamago, sheet cut and pressed with rice in cookie cutters. We made stars and sushi boys. They love the California rolls, shrimp pieces, and vegetable-tamago rolls as much, but it was still fun to make.

My rice recipe and the idea for the shaped pieces came to me from Barber and Takemura’s Sushi, Taste and Technique. It turned out a double recipe of rice was not enough, so you can see at the back pinwheels. Probably we should call them tortilla maki.


Hungry Mouth

I wasn’t there when it happened, but the story I heard is that the kids were riding in the car. The younger said “Baby Hungry”. The older looked at her mouth and scolded, “you’re not hungry. I can tell by your mouth. If you were hungry your tongue would be more red!”

Mommy, naturally, thought this was weird. When she told me the story I explained how I had heard that Parent Birds know which chick to feed because the hungry ones have a redder mouth. I understand the blood flows to the digestive parts after they’re fed, so the red-mouthed baby gets more food. The same rules must apply to Little Sister.