Food Storage: An Unconsidered Idea

A friend of mine intimated today that his food storage plan was principally MRE (meals ready-to-eat), like they use in the military. He noted that the nutritional shelf life was essentially eternal, though I wonder if they would outlast a Twinkie. He commented that the meat loaf meal was particularly yummy.

I hadn’t considered these as an option. While I think they would be too expensive to be the foundation of a year-long storage plan, they might be a beneficial part (several weeks worth, perhaps). They are low effort to prepare and provide wide variety, two shortcomings of any plan I’ve considered. Another item to consider.

One thought on “Food Storage: An Unconsidered Idea”

  1. My friend likes those. Apparently they’ve undergone improvements in recent years. A lot of people I know order from for MREs and freeze dried goods. I have tried some of their canned freeze dried fruits…not so bad, especially in smoothies or even as pancake mix-ins.

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